Submittal Register Excel Template, Version 7
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This download contains a sample Excel template that can be used to load submittals in bulk into QCS form the "Import / Export | Excel Template" module. You will need an unzip utility to extract the files.

This Excel Template may only be used with QCS version and later. You can see what version you are running by clicking on the menu option "Help | About" to show the About window. In the About window you can see the first two numbers of the version at the top and the last two numbers where it says "Software Release".

The Excel submittal register input template is used to create a batch input file to feed into RMS or QCS.   The Excel format allows flexibility in getting submittal data into the RMS/QCS systems; both from a user familiarity standpoint (with Excel), and the editing capability available in Excel (cut & paste, insert rows, etc.)   RMS Import/Export-Submittal screen has the option of selecting this template or the batch input file created within  Specsintac.  However, Contractors must enter the data in QCS either by hand or using this template.  The contract will indicate who is to provide the submittal register.

There are a few restrictions in using the template:

  1. Before starting your input, if you are starting out with the “blank” template file, make a copy of the file, specific to your project.  i. e. Ph6A_MFH_submittal_register.xls.
  2. Do not alter the shaded areas of the template.  The worksheet is protected,  the user cannot normally make structural changes to the template.
  3. Input contract number, DO number and title and location.  This data does not get imported into RMS/QCS, but will be shown as a pre-import "prompt" to remind you which project's submittal data you are importing.
  4. Enter data starting in the first available data row (row 8) and continue without blank rows between data items.  Blank rows at the end of the sheet are acceptable and will not affect the import operation.
  5. There MUST be data in columns A, B, & C.  Column D thru O must have one and only one "X" in a column.  Column P thru U must have one and only one column with an "X".  Columns V thru AA must have one and only one column with an "X".
  6. When inputting the X’s in columns D through AA, use the tab key or cursor to navigate.  Also, do not enter any blanks in these fields with the spacebar.
  7. The worksheet is set up with 800 rows for data.  If this needs to be increased, contact you Project Engineer or your RMS representative for instructions. 
  8. When you have completed your input and editing,  save the “xls” file.
  9. If you will be importing the submittals in the Excel template follow the instructions below:
    1. You must create a ".CSV”  (comma delimited) formatted file from the "xls" file for importing into RMS as follows:                
      1. Save-as                
      2. Pick file type of:  CSV (MS DOS) (*.csv)                 
      3. Enter filename:  (default will be the name of the .xls file)  i.e. Ph6A_MFH_submittal_register_import.csv                 
      4. Then click :  “OK” and “Yes”
    2. The “.csv” file formated file has been saved.  Close out of ".cvs" file and  Select “No” when asked to save changes to the “csv” file.
    3. The “.csv” file is now ready for import into RMS/QCS.      


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