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RMS Support Center Power Restoration
Posted by Ken Avila on 04 August 2014 09:25 AM

Hello Everyone,

Power has been restored here at the RMS Support Center.  Phone, chat, and ticket support is now available.  In addition our server that handles imports and exports to the online SFTP repository is operational.  The cause of the outage was not identified.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

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RMS Support Center Power Outage
Posted by Ken Avila on 04 August 2014 08:24 AM

The RMS Support Center is currently experiencing a power outage.  Phone, chat, and ticket support are currently not available.  In addition imports and exports will fail as the server handling the online SFTP Repository is also affected.  There is no estimate of when power will be restored.  We will keep you posted.

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RMS Email Notification System Update
Posted by Ken Avila on 02 June 2014 08:52 AM

The RMS Email Notification System (RENS) went down late last week but has been restarted.  RENS is now processing all of the email notifications that have been sent out over the past few days.  We expect RENS to catch up with all of the queued emails on Wednesday.  If by Wednesday you are still not receiving email notificaitons please let us know.  

Thank you for your patience.

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1 week reminder for CCASS/RMS Interface Closure
Posted by Ken Avila on 21 May 2014 09:18 AM

As many of you have heard the CPARS, ACASS, and CCASS modules are being merged into a single application under the CPARS name in order to standardize the contractor performance evaluation process across the entire Federal Government.

No new evaluations can be entered after May 28 at 11:59pm EDT. As a result the RMS/CCASS interface will be terminated as the CCASS group will no longer process the XML feed files. At this point you will be required to perform all of your edits in CCASS. No data on existing evaluations can be entered after June 27 11:59 PM EDT. All evaluations that are not COMPLETED will have their status reset to Drafted. CPARS will be offline on June 28-30. The new merged CPARS is scheduled to be operational on July 1.

CPARS is a web-enabled application that collects and manages the library of automated CPARs. CPARS is for UNCLASSIFIED use only. Classified information is not to be entered into this system. A CPAR assesses a contractor's performance and provides a record, both positive and negative, on a given contractor during a specific period of time. Each assessment is based on objective facts and supported by program and contract management data, such as cost performance reports, customer comments, quality reviews, technical interchange meetings, financial solvency assessments, construction/production management reviews, contractor operations reviews, functional performance evaluations, and earned contract incentives.

For more information visit the CPARS website.  You may also open our CCASS Internface Closure document.

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RMS 3.0 Beta Update
Posted by Ken Avila on 08 May 2014 09:43 AM


The next generation of RMS, 3.0 (Beta) has been rolled out to all of the Districts and we have approximately 100 users beginning to use it.

Currently, the QA Module is almost complete while the remainder of the program is in various stages of "construction". For those modules not yet complete, you can still utilize the data in version 2.38.

CAUTION: The RMS 3.0 database that is being used is the same "live" database that the current RMS 2.38 is using. Therefore, changes made in 3.0 will also be made in 2.38, as they are running concurrently.

Check back here for the most current information on RMS 3.0. 

Interface Look and Feel

RMS 3.0 has been designed with the new Windows 8 "Metro" tile interface.  To access your contract you will need to have an active CAC inserted to allow proper verification for access. Once you have entered your PIN you will see a map of the USA showing all of the districts with districts outside of the USA showing in the top right or lower left corner of the map.  You then simply click on your District and a list of the District Offices and contracts will appear.

Good News is that we no longer are going to be constrained by Citrix, and all the headaches that went along with it. You will notice a much faster and responsive system once you begin using it.

For those of you wishing that RMS 2.38 would notify you "what you need to do" for a contract in RMS, you are in luck because the first thing you see when you open a contract is a list of required contract data entry actions.  The actions are organized by priority from critical to informational.  The second thing you see is all of the available contract screens organized into individual tiles you can click on, each reporting a relevant fact about the piece of information that particular screen manages.

Grouping / Sorting Bar

Most lists of information in RMS 3.0 now have a header bar that allows you to group information by field, sort information and filter information in a tabular list. It has functionality very similar to Excel and will allow the listed information on the screen to be exported to an Excel file on demand.


Reports in RMS 3.0 are still being developed and currently there is no replacement for the Custom Report Writer that was available in RMS 2.38. The RMS Development Team is considering options and is open to suggestions.

Import / Export

"Batch" transfer of data is no longer required. The data synchronization process in RMS 3.0 has been completely redesigned to work more like MS Outlook. When you are connected to the network your computer will have a chance to interact with "live" contract data. Whenyou are offline, your computer wil access YOUR contracts from a cache of offline data that was downloaded the last time you were connected.

When you reconnect to the network after being offline, your local copy of RMS seeks out the network server and updates the central copy of the contract with any changes you made while you were offline. If two people change the SAME data, then the last person to change it "wins". The RMS Center is still logging all changes so that they can roll things back if necessary. All of this action is automatic an invisible to the end user.

Data validation is now an integral part of the synchronization process, if data was not transmitted properly it is retransmitted until the correct result is received and acknowledged.

The amount of free space on your C: drive consumed by the offline cache can be controlled via a program setting.


A lot of work was put into the underlying data layer of RMS 3.0 to support these types of enhancements. The sychronization process first gets any critical contract record information required to work with your contract, then starts a background "trickle download" of any large file attachments to those records. If at any time you try to open an attachment that is not yet downloaded it immediately downloads the data you are looking for so it can display it quickly. If you are working offline and the data you are looking for is not in the cache it will ask you to connect online so it can download the data.

As a result, many of the modules in RMS 3.0 will now be able to support larger file attachments such as submittals and QC Reports.

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