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Posted by Fred Freeman on 14 July 2011 03:01 PM

From the Contractor Library | Hazard Analysis, you will select (highlight) the Feature of Work you wish to create the AHA for, and click the [Edit] button in the Contractor Library.  The list you see is created from the features of work you already added in the library. We will review the process of entering an AHA for Concrete, CIP.  

An AHA is made up of the following elements in QCS:

•    Principal Steps – Includes Hazards and Controls
•    Equipment – Equipment required for performing the work
•    Inspections – List of required Contractor Inspections for the work
•    Training – List of required training that might be anticipated

You should progress through the screens, one at a time, listing the relevant information. The example that follows includes screen shots of each tab.

Principle Steps
List the steps necessary to accomplish the work and all relevant hazards. You then address the controls you anticipate necessary to avoid the hazards. Use the [Add] button and select Add Principal Step and enter the Principal Step Title in the block provided. You should add all of the principal steps necessary. (Note: After the AHA has been completed and exported to the Government, only a [View] button will be available.)





 When you have completed your entries, you might have something that resembles the following example:


After you have added all the principal steps, you will need to again hit the [Add] button and then add the applicable Potential Hazard for each Principal Step you have entered. You should also enter the Recommended Controls for the hazard using the fields provided.

Sample AHAs (Courtesy of Gulf Region Division) can be found at this website: (you can possibly use the data for your own input - the format is not the same as required by EM 385-1-1 or the QCS program, but may prove useful.)

Equipment to be Used

Your list of equipment should be all inclusive pertaining to the Feature of Work and the hazards that might be associated with it. You can enter the equipment directly on this screen, or use the [Edit] button for a larger screen and font size should you desire it.

Inspection Requirements

Identify the inspections you will perform to ensure avoidance of hazards or accidents. As with the Equipment entries, you can enter the inspections directly on this screen or use the [Edit] button.

Training Requirements

Training listed can include any Certified Training as may be required, special training required by the equipment manufacturer, and even On-the-Job training that may be provided or necessary.





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